7 Sensible Suggestions to Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat

Posted by Justin Ramb

If the summertime temperatures seem extra hot this year, it's probably not your imagination. Average temperatures for the past few summers have kept surpassing previous records. According to USA Today, this summer may bring peak temperatures once again. Thus, people and their pets across the globe are doing what they can to stay cool and avoid heat-related illnesses. 

Ten Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer 

Sizzling sidewalks and steamy air might encourage you to remain inside as much as possible. At the same time, you probably brought your pet into the family with the idea of having a companion for walks, hikes, and even campouts or beach trips. 

Of course, you can't control the weather. You and your pet can still enjoy all the benefits of outdoor activities without suffering effects from excessive heat. As a prudent pet owner, you can follow these 10 simple steps to protect your dog while braving the heat: 

  1. Always ensure adequate access to shelter and water to avoid dehydration or heatstroke. Companies make collapsible bowls and pet-accessible water bottles that you can bring along with your own water supply. If you plan to spend several hours outdoors, you might also invest in a popup sunshade. 
  2. Carefully watch your dog for signs of distress, including lethargy, excessive panting, vomiting, thick drool, and a dry mouth. These symptoms should signal that it's time to cool off inside. Severe symptoms may indicate that it's time to search for an emergency vet. Otherwise, let your pet recover inside. 
  3. Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle. Cars rapidly warm up when left in the sun. The temperature inside can easily exceed the outside temperature by over 40 degrees. 
  4. Try to time walks and other outdoor activities for cooler parts of the day. For instance, you may venture out in the morning or early evening to avoid hot temperatures. 
  5. Dogs can suffer from sunburns, just like people. You can purchase pet-safe sunscreen, which you might need for dogs with relatively sparse coats. 
  6. Your dog's paws can't tolerate hot surfaces any better than the soles of your feet. Avoid steaming, hot sidewalks, or buy pet boots. Bring along a spray bottle to douse furry feet with water. 
  7. Don't shave your pet too closely. Their coat can serve as natural insulation and help protect their skin from excessive sun. 

Treat Your Pet to 12 Months of Good Health 

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