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  • Pampered Pooch

    Shine, shimmer, and sheen - Give your dog a summer glow-up with our Moe’s Pampered Pooch Bundle.

  • Spunky Senior

    They say age is merely a number - let Moe’s prove it! Our Spunky Senior Bundle ensures your aging pooch is still hummin’ after all these years.

  • Natural Defense

    The equivalent of a defensive lineman for your furry BFF, our Moe’s Natural Defense Bundle delivers the powerful punch.

  • Namaste & Slay

    When they need a boost, or a moment of contentment, look no further than our Namaste & Slay Bundle.

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Frosted Sugar Cookie Flavored Bites


Our Limited Edition Frosted Sugar Cookie Bites are packed with ingredients like Vitamins C and B2, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), and Calcium Citrate to provide essential building blocks for healthy bones.

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