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Namaste & Slay
Namaste & Slay
Namaste & Slay
Namaste & Slay
Namaste & Slay
Namaste & Slay
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Namaste & Slay

Provides a daily boost with a moment of zen.

90 Chews

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When they need a boost, or a moment of contentment, look no further than our Namaste & Slay Bundle. We carefully crafted this duo of supplements to provide multifunctional support to your furry friend, as well as help them get their “zen” on when times get stressful. 

Our Multi-Plus bites are a daily multivitamin that deliver a heaping helping of daily goodness like fish oil, omega 3s, and vitamin E that all pups need to thrive. 

While our Chillout Bites contain chamomile and hemp seed powder to encourage a calm demeanor during the most stressful times (fireworks, thunderstorms, and separation…oh my!).

Made in

Cruelty Free 

100% Satisfaction


As Mother Nature Intended

Our thoughtfully crafted BeWell Blend contains a true bounty from nature - including cranberry, blueberry, and kale - to ensure every Moe's soft bite is brimming with a medley of natural, purposeful ingredients.

Benefits of Moe's BeWell Blend include:

  • Aids in proper cell function
  • Fights free radical damage
  • Protects against oxidative stress
What’s inside?

Only the Best For Your Doggo

Power up your pup’s day with all of the love and none of the bite. We care about what we put into our pets’ bodies, and we’d bet dollars to dog biscuits that you do, too.

Everything They Need...

Organic Hemp Seed Powder.

A.K.A. nature’s nourishing powerhouse, promotes relaxation in your pet, with the added bonus of cardiovascular and immune support.


Thiamine B1.

Thiamine encourages optimal nervous system function, promoting a calm demeanor in your pup.


BeWell Blend

Our carefully selected multifunctional blend is a comprehensive array of whole ingredients which work together harmoniously to promote wellness in your pet.


Good for Stress Related to Fireworks, Thunderstorms, or Other Loud Noises.

Organic Chamomile promotes a relaxed demeanor.


Good for Fortifying Mobility in Your Pup..

Gluscosamine HCI encourages proper joint and spine function.

...Nothing They Don’t.

NO icky ingredients.

We harnessed the power of Mother Nature to bring you a superior product, with ingredients you can actually pronounce.


NO so-so taste.

Our naturally chicken-flavored bites are sure to make your pooch’s mouth water.


NO added artificial colors, non-GMO, and wheat-free.

You won't find any added artificial colors, wheat, or GMO's in the entire Moe's line.


NO added salt or sugar.

Yet another non-negotiable you won't find in the Moe's line - and that's a promise.


NO artificial preservatives.

We left these ickies out of our products, to ensure your pup is getting all the good stuff and none of the bad.

Directions for use: Can be administered during or after mealtime. Consult our chart below to confirm the proper number of bites for your pet, based on weight. Do not exceed twice the recommended amount per day.

  • Weight
  • 1 – 25 lbs.
  • 26 – 50 lbs.
  • 51 – 75 lbs.
  • 75+ lbs.
  • Serving
  • 2 Bites
  • 3 Bites
  • 4 Bites
  • 5 Bites

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