5 Good Ways to Calm Your Dog During a Fireworks Show

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

You probably associate fireworks with celebrations and beautiful light shows. In contrast, your dog may view the spectacle more like the national anthem's "bombs bursting in air."

That misunderstanding can cause big problems. Many people have reported higher incidents of dogs escaping, injuring themselves, or behaving badly in reaction to the bright lights, loud bangs, and strange odors of fireworks. It's up to you to help keep your pet calm, cool, and collected while fireworks are lighting up the night sky. Find out how you can keep your dog relaxed and safe during fireworks shows.

Five tips to calm dogs during fireworks shows

Find out how to take some proactive steps to ensure your pet doesn't suffer from needless stress during fireworks shows, or even hearing the neighbors celebrate.

1. Keep dogs home

Peta suggests trying to avoid encounters between your pets and fireworks in the first place. They say it's better to leave dogs home and, if possible, ensure that a calm human stays home with them. That's particularly true if you already know you have an anxious pet.

2. Block outside sights, smells, and noises

Of course, some neighborhoods allow fireworks, especially during such holidays as Independence Day and New Year's Eve. Even if you and your pet stay home from a fireworks show, you can't completely avoid the noise and lights.

Try to block out the fireworks as much as possible. For instance, keep windows closed and curtained. Turn on some relaxing music, such as the Relax My Dog channel on YouTube. If you don't want to play music, try turning on a fan or other device for white noise to help minimize external sounds.

3. Try an anti-anxiety dog shirt

These shirts look similar to wide harnesses. The gentle pressure on your pet's chest may help relax them. It's generally best to get dogs used to these a few days before you expect fireworks. You don't want the unfamiliar harness to add to their anxiety. As a note, some manufacturers also make anti-anxiety shirts for cats.

4. Try natural, anti-anxiety remedies

Some people take herbal remedies for anxiety, and these may help dogs cope with stressful situations, as well. Examples of these supplements include valerian root, CBD oil, and melatonin. You can find these natural remedies specially designed for dogs, so it's easier to figure out the right dose and avoid ingredients that may harm pets.

Some come in the form of drops, treats, or capsules, and it's important to make certain that you administer the right dose. If your dog has a health issue or already takes medication, you should consult with your vet first.

5. Be extra generous with time and treats

It's a good time to engage in some fun and playful activities with your pet to help distract them. Also, be certain to reward them with extra treats when they respond to play. Eventually, your dog may get so interested in you that the fireworks won't matter so much.

Communicate calm to your furry friends

It's only natural for people to react to events that stress their beloved pets. Still, no matter how annoyed your neighbors make you for setting off loud fireworks after midnight, it's important to remain calm for your dog. You can't explain the situation to Spot or Daisy with words. At the same time, you can communicate with your body language and tone of voice.

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