5 Ideas for Your Dog's Halloween Costume

Posted by Justin Ramb

A lot of pet owners share a love for Halloween. The Canine Journal reported that American pet owners spend almost half a billion on pet costumes annually. That figure grows each year as dressing up pets grows increasingly popular. You can dress up your dog for a Halloween party, trick-or-treating, answering the door, or even a slick photo shoot. 

Five Hot Halloween Costumes Ideas for Dogs 

Get inspired by these cute Halloween costume ideas for dogs: 

  • Pumpkins: Why not dress up your fuzzy little pumpkin as a pumpkin? Also, dogs can safely consume pumpkin puree, a common ingredient in dog-treat recipes. A pumpkin costume goes perfectly with a dog Halloween party or a trip to a nearby pumpkin patch! The bright orange will also ensure your dog's visibility at night.
  • Yummy tacos: A spicy taco costume will make your pet the hit of any costume contest. The "shell" wraps around most of the dog's body, leaving plenty of room for "toppings" on top. 
  • Mail carriers: Letter carriers and other delivery people don't always love dogs, so it's nice for you and your pet to recognize these professionals and the hard work they do. 
  • Witches and wizards: Your pet has already cast a spell over your heart, and this costume will spread the magic to others. You and your family could all dress up as characters from "Harry Potter" or "The Wizard of Oz" to coordinate with your dog. 
  • Bumblebees: Nobody will want to bug off when they see your precious fluff disguised as a bumblebee. Your dog's already as sweet as honey, and you can use a drizzle of honey as a pet-safe ingredient in your dog's Halloween treats. 

You can make a costume or purchase one off-the-shelf at a pet store or online retailer. Ensure the outfit won't block your pet's vision, make your dog uncomfortable, hinder walking, or pose a choking hazard. Also, please make sure your pet doesn't manage to get into human Halloween candy because it may contain unsafe-for-dogs ingredients, like chocolate or xylitol. 

You might make your dog special Halloween cookies with plain pumpkin, a bit of honey, and some flour. Most dogs can tolerate these ingredients in limited amounts. Of course, your pups will always appreciate our Multi-Plus Chews. They provide essential nutrients, contain natural, tested ingredients, and dogs think they taste great.

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