5 Tips to Ensure the Family Enjoys Summer Road Trips With Dogs

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

Boarding dogs or hiring dog sitters can add to the cost of a vacation. Besides, many people want to share their vacation bonding experience with their four-footed family member. Find out how to prepare for a fun, comfortable, and safe road trip with a dog. 


According to PetMD, enjoying a long road trip with a dog may not be quite as simple as putting your pooch in the back seat and driving off. Just as with taking road trips with human kids, a little planning can keep pet parents prepared for their adventure.

1. Invest in a dog carrier or seat, or both

Nobody expects children to ride in a car without the right booster seat or seat belt. Similarly, it's safest to invest in a special doggy car seat or harness for the seat belt. If there's a cargo area, it's also a great idea to bring along a dog crate or carrier. Of course, get the dog used to these essential accessories with short trips around the neighborhood for a few days before the real adventure starts.

2. Don't leave dogs alone in parked vehicles

In warm weather, cars can quickly turn into ovens. Similarly, vehicles will rapidly become refrigerators when it's cold outside.

Scientists say some dogs can understand about as many words as a toddler. When it comes to leaving them alone, follow similar rules in the car as you would for a small child.

3. Prepare your pets for each drive

Try to feed your dog well before you plan to drive for any length of time. Naturally, you'll want to follow the meal by giving your pet a chance to work off energy and, of course, relieve himself. Unlike your children, dogs can't really tell you they need you to find a rest stop.

At the same time, remain alert for signals your dog might be ready for a hygiene break. Even well-trained pups or adult dogs might forget their lessons in an unfamiliar environment. That's why many prudent families invest in waterproof seat and floor liners as extra insurance against accidents. Don't forget to pack some paper towels, cleaner, and trash bags.

4. Pack your doggy's go bag

Your dog should have his own travel kit. Some suggested items include:

  • Poo bags and a scoop
  • Favorite treats and toys
  • A blanket, pillow, or dog bed
  • Bowls, food, fresh water, and if possible, a doggy water bottle
  • A pet first-aid kit, medicine, supplements, and medical records
  • A leash, an extra collar with ID, and if possible, a registered microchip

5. Consider calming dog treats

On long car rides, kids are pretty famous for asking, "Are we there yet?" Dogs can't really do that. Still, they may get restless before it's time for rest stops and evening breaks. Even with dogs who love car rides, long periods of confinement can cause stress. Hemp treats for dogs may calm anxiety and even help dogs to enjoy longer naps while you're driving up the highway.


The American Travel Association says that 37 percent of pet parents take their four-footed friends with them on trips. That figure has increased from about 10 percent a decade ago. Just make sure to scope out pet-friendly hotels and activities in advance because, remember, you shouldn't leave Biff or Bowser alone in the car.

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