5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Calm During Back-to-School Season

Posted by Justin Ramb

Back-to-school time typically means that everybody in the household has to get used to a new and busier routine. These changes can make everybody edgy at first, including your furry family members. Keep even the most anxious dogs with these calming tips.

Keep Your Dog Calm During Back-to-School Days

School bells have begun ringing again. Many dogs react anxiously to disruptions in their peaceful summer schedules. However, these back-to-school tips for your beloved dog can help everybody keep their cool.

Share More Activities in the Morning and Evening

Dogs who enjoy sufficient activity and bonding time with their human families typically behave better. Try to find extra time in the morning and evening for taking walks and playing fetch.

Give Dogs Home-Alone Engagement

Some families find that their dog feels calmer alone when they leave a radio on. You can also find calming music and sounds for dogs that you can stream on a smart device.

Prepare Your House for Days Away

If you need to leave your pet alone for several hours at a time, ensure you've prepared it. For instance, you need to make sure your pup has access to clean water and can't get into the pantry or trash to wreak havoc.

Give Your Pet a Job to Do

Do you walk your kids to the bus stop or drive them to school? If so, why not let your pet tag along? He'll feel part of the family and is likely to react better when he can see where the people go when they leave.

Some Dogs Are Naturally More Anxious Than Others

You can do several things to help your dog remain calm. For instance, always speak to your pet in a calm voice. Your pet may not understand all of the words you use, but he can pick up on your tone of voice. No matter what you do, some breeds and individual dogs tend to experience more anxiety than others. Some breeds are prone to anxiety include toy poodles, border collies, and Australian shepherds.

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