6 Delightful Ideas for Doggy Date Night

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

When February 14 rolls around, people use Valentine's Day as a way to show they care about lovers, family, friends, and even coworkers. Just as everybody should devote time to building healthy relationships with friends and family, pet families need to build bonds with their furriest members. 

Did you know that dogs have their own special day on February 3 called Doggy Date Night? This fun holiday is a chance for you and your beloved dog to spend some quality time together. 

Six exciting ideas for a doggy date night 

For Doggy Date Night (or any other day!), explore six fantastic opportunities for bonding. 

Picnic with a pet 

Pack a blanket and a picnic basket with treats for you and your dog, head to the nearest park, and enjoy the sunshine. On rainy or snowy days, spread out in the den. 

Shop 'til you drop 

There’s nothing like a new toy! Spoil your pup silly by letting them choose their own toys from a pet supply store. By letting your dog lead the way, they can point you towards the toys that catch their attention.

Make time for a stimulating sniff safari 

People primarily rely on vision for sensory information, but dogs have a much more developed sense of smell. Leave the itinerary at home on your next walk and wander where your pooch's nose takes you. 

Enjoy a pet photo session 

Assemble some simple props, find some good lighting, and make a date for a photo session. This engaging activity should prove memorable, and the photos will turn into lifelong keepsakes. 

Book a pup playdate 

Dogs enjoy time with other dogs almost as much as they like spending time with their human family. Invite another human/dog pair along for the next activity to give you and your pet an excellent chance to socialize. 

Book a pet-friendly staycation

Feel like splurging? Pack your bags and hit up one of these lavish, pet-friendly hotels. With amenities ranging from specialty room service menus to doggy yoga classes, your pup will be living the life of luxury. 

Share affection and good nutrition with your dog every day! 

Hopefully these ideas for doggy dates spark your creative juices to come up with even more memorable activities! Maybe a trip to a dog-friendly restaurant patio, a short drive to pick up a Puppuccino from Starbucks, or a pleasant stroll through a local farmer's market. 

Martha Stewart even wrote about the importance of bonding with a pet to help promote obedience, improve moods, and strengthen both the pet's and the human's immune systems. Along with plenty of attention, make sure you give your pet the best nutrition to support their immune systems. Immunity Bites from Moe's Healthy Pets help promote a healthy immune system in the form of a tasty chicken-flavored bite.

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