7 Important Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements For Dogs

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

Increasingly, health-conscious people have started to explore the benefits of nutritional supplements. In particular, they've learned that typical diets tend to provide an abundant amount of omega-6 but too little omega-3. These two nutrients must balance each other to ensure optimum health. In this respect, dogs aren't so different from their human family members.


As more people started learning about enhancing their own diets, pet owners have grown more open to the idea of giving their pets nutritional supplements. With that in mind, explore seven potential benefits of omega-3-rich fish oil supplements for dogs.

1. Fish oil offers a balanced source of omega-3 essential fatty acids

Some other options to obtain omega-3 might include cod liver oil and flaxseed oil. According to the Animal Medical Center of Chicago, it's best to avoid these choices because:

  • Cod liver oil may provide more than the recommended dose of vitamin A and vitamin D. Too much of these nutrients can cause health issues.
  • Flaxseed oil contains large concentrations of alpha linolenic acid, (ALA). Dogs don't convert ALA to the EPA and DHA they need as well as people can. As a note, cats can't convert ALA at all.

2. Commercial dog food typically lacks sufficient omega-3

Manufacturers usually use grains, corn-fed meat, and refined oils as ingredients in commercial dog food. They provide an abundant source of omega-6 but not omega-3.

3. Essential fatty acids offer protection against heart ailments

The right balance of essential fatty acids can reduce the chance of common heart diseases, especially in aging pets.

4. Omega-3s support healthy skin and fur

Particularly in pets with allergies, this nutrient can help quiet the overreacting immune systems of pets with allergies. For a visible benefit, this can help remedy itchy skin and patchy or dry coats.

5. Relieves joint pain 

Substances contained in fish oil can help reduce the inflammation, pain, and stiffness associated with arthritis and injuries.

6. Improves brain development and function

In puppies, fish oil has been demonstrated to improve their ability to both learn and retain their training. With older dogs, it has helped slow down cognitive decline.

7. May reduce triglyceride levels

In some cases, fish oil supplements can reduce high triglyceride levels. This provides a particular health benefit for dogs that suffer from heart disease and also, inflammatory bowel disease, or IBS, and pancreatitis.


Veterinarians generally regard fish oil as safe for most dogs in the right dosage. Some dogs may have sensitivities to allergies to certain ingredients, like shellfish.

If pets already take medication, it's best to speak with the vet first. For example, remain wary of giving fish oil to dogs who have blood-clotting disorders. In the same way that omega-3 can help prevent internal blood clots, it might reduce the ability of blood to clot after an injury. 


It's best to buy fish oil supplements designed for dogs in order to avoid any ingredients that might be fine for people but bad for their best friends. You can follow dosing instructions on the label or speak with a vet for guidance. Look for a high-quality, organic supplement that's free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

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