8 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy With Your Furry Friends

Posted by Justin Ramb

Summer's almost over, and fall's approaching. You won't have time to miss the heat when you can pack your schedule with these fun, dog-friendly activities for fall. 

Eight Fall Activities to Share With Your Dog 

Many people with pets look forward to autumn because they feel more invigorated in cooler temperatures. You can say the same thing about many dogs. Luckily, this time of year offers plenty of opportunities to share activities and bonding time with your dogs and human loved ones. Consider fitting some of these ideas into your fall schedule. 

Host a Dog Halloween Party 

Invite other pets and their families to join you for an outdoor costume party around Halloween. Keep human treats away from dogs, but make dog-friendly pumpkin cookies with a cup of unsweetened pumpkin puree, an egg, and two cups of whole wheat flour. Mix the ingredients well before rolling and cutting into small squares or spooky shapes. Then bake for about half an hour. Be sure to have a doggie costume contest and snap plenty of photos. 

Bake Pumpkin Treats 

Pumpkin supports healthy dogs by adding fiber and encouraging a healthy coat. You can make the cookies with the recipe in the previous section or search for others. These treats make excellent rewards for good behavior, and you can also put handfuls in Halloween-themed bags to offer canine trick-or-treaters. 

Craft Fall-Themed Bandanas 

Stylish bandanas will help your pet stand out in a crowd. These fashion accessories also help keep your dog cool, enhance visibility, and make your dog appear friendly. You make a no-sew dog bandana with pinking shears and fabric. Just cut a square of fabric with pinking shears, fold it into a triangle, and tie it loosely around your pet's neck. 

Travel to a Pumpkin Patch 

A trip to a pumpkin patch lets you have fun. You can also pick out a giant pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern or a smaller one to bake a pie. Take your pup along for a pleasant journey around the pumpkin patch. 

Plan a Festive, Furry Photoshoot 

If you're making or buying your furball a Halloween costume and a bandana, you could save the memories with excellent photos. You can stage pictures of only your dog. You can make even more memories if you include yourself, friends, and family. 

Plan a Hike 

During the height of summer, you might not have felt inclined to take a hike, especially with your fur-coated dog. Autumn's the perfect time to explore paths through nature. 

Enjoy Trick-or-Treating 

You can take your well-mannered pet trick-or-treating with the kids. Just don't give your dog candy. Do pack dog-friendly treats and fresh water for your pet. 

Play Fetch in the Yard 

Most pets thrive when they can enjoy plenty of active bonding time with their human families. If you're not into hiking, why not travel as far as the backyard for a game of fetch? 

Help Your Dogs Look and Feel Their Best 

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