Adopt Don't Shop: The Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

Posted by Justin Ramb

The "Adopt, Don't Shop" movement began decades ago to encourage pet parents to bring home dogs from local shelters instead of purchasing puppies from breeders and puppy farms. This movement thrived because it offers numerous benefits to prospective pet parents, dogs, and local communities. 

According to the ASPCA, over six million pets enter US shelters annually, with the population almost evenly split between cats and dogs. Americans adopt over four million cats and dogs every year, but sadly, shelters also euthanize nearly a million pets annually. 

Why adopt an older shelter dog?

Juveniles tend to attract the attention of many families interested in adoption, putting older animals at risk. Everybody thinks puppies are cute, but dogs don't stay puppies for long. Adopting an older dog gives pets a second chance to find a loving home. 

If you're looking for a new best friend, explore the ways you'll benefit by adopting an older dog: 

  1. Already trained: Very often, older dogs already understand how to potty appropriately and follow basic commands. 
  2. Past the teething stage: Puppies pass through a phase where they'll chew on everything, including table legs and baseboards. 
  3. Easier to socialize: Typically, older dogs already enjoy socialization with people and other animals. 
  4. Able to learn new tricks: Yes, you can teach older dogs new tricks. They're often easier to train than puppies because they've learned self-control and have already experienced some training. 
  5. Typically calmer: Like people, dogs tend to settle down and master self-control as they age. 
  6. Fewer surprises: Shelters often have information about the dog's temperament, if they're good with children, cats, and other dogs, and so on. 
  7. Cheaper than pet stores: Most shelters charge a modest fee, which generally includes some vet care. An older shelter dog can offer good value. 
  8. A satisfying experience: Older dogs typically react gratefully to the promise of a fur-ever home. Besides the joy of bringing a furry family member home, pet parents can enjoy the satisfaction of saving a life and making more room in the shelter for another deserving animal. 

Where to adopt your new best friend

Prospective pet parents have many choices. Some examples include local pet shelters run by the ASPCA, nonprofit rescues, and city- or county-sponsored adoption centers. Some rescues even specialize in specific dog breeds or breed mixes. If your heart's set on a particular type of dog, from an Afghan Hound to a Yorkshire Terrier, you can probably find it. Otherwise, just visit an adoption center and prepare to fall in love. 

As the old saying goes, age is only a number. Healthy senior dogs still have plenty of love to share and life to enjoy. The Spunky Senior supplement bundle from Moe's Healthy Pets offers the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to support joint, bone, and overall health. You'll feel satisfied that you've done everything to provide the best nutrition for your furry friend, and your aging pup will think these supplements taste like delicious treats. 

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