Backyard Grilling Party Tips to Share With Your Dog

Posted by Justin Ramb

Cooking on an outdoor grill provides an opportunity to enjoy tasty food, keep the stove from heating up the house, and spend quality time with human and four-footed family members. Just as parents take care to keep young children away from danger, they may also need to exercise caution with their dogs when enjoying a summertime BBQ. 

Backyard Grilling Suggestions for People With Dogs 

A handful of timely backyard grilling suggestions can keep these good times safe for your dog and fun for everybody else. 

Resist the urge to offer your pet "people food" 

A high-quality dog chow offers your pet balanced nutrition. When Fluffy and Fido get the chance to enjoy a lot of human food, they could either lose their appetite for dinner or consume more calories than they should. 

Many backyard BBQ foods can pose an immediate safety threat to dogs. For instance: 

  • Dog-toxic food: A dog's digestive system can't handle some human food, like onions, garlic, some typical hot dog additives, and a common artificial sweetener called xylitol. 
  • Bones and excessive fat or grease: According to the American Kennel Club, bones from ribs, steaks, or chicken pose choking hazards for dogs. Also, fatty meat or drippings can cause pancreatitis in pets. 

It's normal to feel the urge to sneak your dog a bite or two of juicy steaks or burgers, but that will encourage them to expect more. Reward dogs with safe treats, and try to leave the grilled food for people. 

Keep dogs away from hot grills 

Grilled food smells delicious to people. Imagine how intoxicating dogs must find the fragrance with their enhanced sense of smell. Still, hot food and the grill itself can burn dogs, so it's essential to watch pets as carefully as small children. Dogs are clever and eager to wait for a moment's distraction, so some prudent backyard chefs might want to invest in a deck gate. 

Keep dogs cool and hydrated 

Humans can tolerate heat and intense sunshine better than their four-footed best friends. Make sure pets have access to water and shade. Watch for signs of heat sensitivity, like excessive panting, drooling, or lethargy. On sweltering days, it's probably prudent to let dogs stay inside where it's cool some of the time. That's particularly true for dogs with thick coats. 

Secure trash and compost piles 

Some things that look like inedible garbage to humans will appeal to Rover like a Michelin-rated feast can attract a foodie. Sometimes, dogs surprise people because they're not picky about food. Plenty of inedible or dangerous things end up in compost piles and trash bins, so ensure they're kept away from dogs. 

Keep your dog's immune system strong 

Besides warmer days, summertime also brings seasonal allergies, insects, and the possibility of varying from a balanced diet. Allergy & Immunity Chews from Moe's Healthy Pets support dogs' immune systems with essential nutrients, probiotics, and other supportive, dog-safe ingredients. Reward your good dog with the best nutrition. 

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