Benefits of CBD for Dogs with Aching Bones & Joints

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

Legal CBD hemp bites for dogs may help relieve pain, inflammation, and support a calm behavior for senior dogs or dogs that experience high stress.

In 2018, the government legalized hemp in all 50 states. This generated waves of mainstream interest about the use of CBD, a substance found in hemp, as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory therapy.

The Harvard Medical Blog reported on a couple of studies that back up CBD's increasing popularity as a therapy body aches and pains: 

  • The Arthritis Foundation found 29 percent of its subscribers currently took CBD oil, typically in a topical or liquid form. Even more surprising, 80 percent had either used it previously or were considering it in the future.
  • A 2019 Gallup Poll found that 14 percent of Americans had at least tried CBD, and the majority responded to the survey by saying that they used it to relieve pain.

Can hemp for dogs help to support relief and a calm nature?

Sadly, aging dogs can develop stiff joints the same way that people do. Along with taking CBD for their own aches, pains, inflammation, and even stress, both pet owners and vets have explored the benefits of giving this legal ingredient of hemp to their dogs. Today, well-known pet companies even make bites that contain hemp for dogs.

PetMD explained that scientists believe CBD from hemp shares important pathways with NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine. Some common examples of medications include Rimadyl and ibuprofen. In turn, the metabolic pathways control critical body processes, like inflammatory response.

PetMD also cited research that found the right dose of CBD can substantially relieve pain in dogs. Vets will diagnose about one-quarter of all dogs with joint and muscle issues, and suspect that as many as 60 percent exhibit at least these symptoms. This natural hemp remedy could help millions of pets enjoy more comfortable and longer lives.

Can hemp also help dogs feel calm?

Dogs that suffer from sources of chronic pain and inflammation may also display symptoms of high stress. Even some dogs without these medical problems may show symptoms of a stressed nature. According to the American Kennel Club, calming dog bites with CBD have grown increasingly popular as a way to help keep dogs calm.

Along with helping to keep one calm, CBD may contribute to sleepiness, which could provide a benefit for dogs that suffer from pain that makes it difficult for them to rest.

Besides high stress and arthritis, vets and pet owners have turned to hemp CBD supplements as relief from other medical problems. Generally, these pets also need medical treatment, but vets may suggest CBD to help support therapy as well.

Is hemp for dogs safe?

CBD is generally regarded as safe. Some vets have noted elevated liver function in dogs who take it regularly, but they aren't sure if this reading has any medical significance. Some pet owners report that hemp treats make their pets sleepy, and if that's a problem, they may need to adjust the dose.

Of course, prudent pet owners may want to speak with their vets first. That's especially true for young, ill, or pregnant dogs or pets taking other medications. Luckily, vets haven't found any negative interaction between an appropriate dose of CBD and Rimadyl or similar anti-inflammatory medications.

Is CBD like THC?

Both CBD and THC can come from the cannabis, or marijuana, plant. However, companies that make calming hemp bites for dogs have CBD but not THC. So, these natural remedies for pain may relax your pet, but they won't make him high.

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