Can Glucasamine for Dogs Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain?

Posted by Justin Ramb

Like some people, many dogs suffer from arthritis and other sources of aching joints as they grow older. As bodies age, cartilage thins and can't cushion bones as it should. Sometimes, an injury or illness can hasten symptoms in relatively young dogs. Pet parents never get enough time with their dogs, so they're eager to find a remedy to relieve pain and stiffness.

Glucosamine appears on many store shelves as it has grown in popularity to become one of the most popular natural remedies for joint stiffness. Recently, pet supplements containing this naturally occurring ingredient have also begun to claim space in pet stores. 

Will glucosamine supplementation help your dog?

Proponents of glucosamine say this natural substance helps the body repair cartilage damage. The American Kennel Club reported on several commonly accepted uses for glucosamine as a therapy for sore joints, including these: 

  • Keeping high-performance dogs in top condition 
  • Aiding in recovery from bone injuries and surgery 
  • Relieving pain from joint issues 

People and pets often take glucosamine before they suffer from joint issues too. Vets or doctors may suggest it as an early intervention therapy because it's generally well-tolerated and considered safe for long-term use. Sometimes, users already take other supplements or medication because they suffer from joint problems. These people and animals might take glucosamine supplements as an additional therapy or a stand-alone treatment. 

Does glucosamine for dogs work?

The FDA considers glucosamine a natural supplement, so it doesn't require stringent proof of effectiveness as it does for prescription medication. In turn, medical professionals have focused less on testing glucosamine as thoroughly as they do with other remedies. 

Some studies have demonstrated clear benefits, but others have produced mixed results. The College of Veterinary Medicine at UGA reviewed over a dozen studies and found they provided a moderate comfort level that compares favorably to some prescriptions. 

In particular, vets recommend these supplements to pet owners who want to avoid or delay starting their dogs on prescription pain relief. In other cases, some dogs don't tolerate the medication well, so this natural supplement offers a better choice. 

Where to find high-quality glucosamine for dogs

Prudent pet owners will want to consider offering their dog glucosamine supplements to relieve pain or act as a preventative measure. However, they often feel challenged by the number of natural supplements on the market, with no clear way to choose a quality product their dog will like. 

Hip & Joint Chews from Moe's Health Pets provide a tasty (for dogs) and natural blend of glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and MSM. These four common natural remedies for joint and bone problems are all naturally occurring compounds in the body and are considered vital for healthy cartilage and other connective tissue.

Even better, dogs think these natural supplements taste like yummy treats. 

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