Cool Your Dog Down With These Healthy Frozen Dog Treats

Posted by Justin Ramb

Dogs need to stay cool and hydrated on hot summertime days outdoors, and homemade frozen treats for dogs are perfect summer treats.

Who loves a snow cone or frozen pop to take the edge off a hot summer day? Besides adults and children, you can add your furry family friend to the list. Of course, you might feel concerned about offering your pet human treats. At the same time, you can quickly whip up a batch of healthy frozen dog treats, so your pet can join in the fun. 

Your dog must avoid frozen treats made with ingredients they can't tolerate. Examples include chocolate, grapes, and a common artificial sweetener, xylitol. That means the pops you buy for yourself and your children might not be good for your pet. 

To ensure safety, you can prepare these doggy delicacies yourself at home.

Always check the labels of any commercially-packaged products to ensure they don't contain any ingredients that might make your dog sick. 

PB and Banana Dog Pops  

 Gather these ingredients: 

  • Plain, unflavored yogurt 
  • Dog-safe peanut butter 
  • Paper cups
  • Dog biscuits 
  • One ripe banana
  • Other dog-friendly fruit (optional) 

Start by mashing a banana and mixing it with a couple of tablespoons of dog-safe peanut butter. You may have an easier time mixing everything if you warm the peanut butter in the microwave. A blender will make this task even easier. 

Once blended, stir in one-half cup of plain yogurt. Pour the mixture into small paper cups and use a dog biscuit for the stick instead of a wooden one. Wooden popsicle sticks can become choking hazards. Next, place your cups in the freezer. Some commercially produced peanut butter and yogurt contain xylitol, so check the label. The fewer extra ingredients any packaged ingredients include, the better. 

You can substitute plain pumpkin puree if you want to use something other than bananas. Suggestions for other dog-friendly fruit to spice up this treat include cantaloupe, blueberries, and apples. 

Carrot-Watermelon Pops for Sensitive Pups 

These frozen treats taste slightly sweet and won't contribute to weight gain. They also don't use dairy, which some dogs don't digest well. Better yet, most dogs appear to relish them. 

You only need two ingredients: a roughly equal amount of carrots and watermelon. Puree carrot slices into a pulp, add watermelon chunks, and blend until smooth. You can freeze these in an ice cube tray. That makes it simple to pop out one or two at a time for snacks. 

Savory Beef Freezes for Good Savory Lovers

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can taste sweet flavors. However, not all dogs feel enthusiastic about sweets. It's safe to say that all dogs relish the taste of meat. Your dog might prefer these savory summer pops more than sweet ones. 

Blend raw ground beef, cooked peas, and water in equal quantities. You can also use ground chicken or turkey. Cook the mixture in a pot until it boils. Let the mixture cool, pour it into an ice cube tray or a silicone mold, and let it freeze. Your pet will thank you when you pop one out as a reward. 

Treat your pet with a healthy and natural supplement  

For many dogs, summertime fun can translate into an increased risk for outdoor allergies. Excellent nutrition can help support your pet's healthy immune system, making them less likely to develop skin or coat problems, itchy ears, and other symptoms of allergies. 

Allergy and Immunity Chews from Moe's Healthy Pets will provide your dog with tested, dog-safe allergy remedies, with ingredients that include vitamin C, colostrum, apple cider vinegar, and turmeric. You will want your pet to take these supplements because of their health benefits. However, your dog will think they taste like yummy treats. 

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