Dog-Safe S'More's: Your Dog Will Bark for Some More!

Posted by Justin Ramb

It's summertime! Let's go camping! You'll need to pack your tent, essential supplies, and the all-important ingredients to make s'mores. For your next camping trip, s'mores can make the dessert menu for your people and pups.

Here's how to make dog-safe s'mores

You will enjoy your time around the campfire even more when you can make s'mores out of dog-safe ingredients that your pup will howl for. You probably know that the three essential ingredients for people include chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. You can't feed this kind of s'more to your pet, but you can make some simple substitutions. 

Dog biscuits

S'mores for people use graham crackers for the outside of this sweet sandwich. For your pooch, substitute dog biscuits, like Milk-Bone. 

Dog-safe chocolate substitutes 

Caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate make it toxic and off-limits for dogs. Choose carob or unsweetened, natural peanut butter as a filling for your dog's s'mores. Carob resembles chocolate, but it comes from a carob tree and doesn't contain any toxic-for-dogs ingredients. To make it a spread, you can melt a few carob chips on the camp stove or fire. 

Cream cheese 

Marshmallows consist of mostly sugar, which can trigger weight gain and diabetes in pets or people. Cream cheese will simulate the texture and appearance of melted marshmallows, and dogs can safely consume small quantities. 

Assembling dog-friendly s'mores 

To assemble your pet's s'mores, spread a thin layer of melted carob or peanut butter on one biscuit. If you use melted carob chips, let them cool to keep your pup from burning its mouth. 

Spread the cream cheese on a second biscuit. Chilled cream cheese should help the carob cool faster. 

Then put both halves together and watch your pet's eyes light up. 

Healthy treats for dogs 

You will have tons of fun making traditional and dog-friendly s'mores around the campfire. Typically, dogs and people will enjoy a lot of activity during a camping trip, so everybody can afford to indulge a little. Try not to overdo your pup's special treats because he won't understand the idea of saving calories for his typical balanced diet. That makes your DIY dog s'mores an excellent choice to reserve for a special treat. 

For a healthy treat you can offer your furry friend every day, choose Multi-Plus Chews from Moe's Healthy Pets. These chewy treats pack plenty of natural, healthy ingredients to support your pet's overall health. Best of all, even finicky dogs love the chicken flavor. 

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