Dog's and Fall Seasonal Allergies: Signs and Symptoms

Posted by Justin Ramb

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies. Typical fall seasonal allergies include ragweed, mold, and many plants that release pollen at this time of year. These sensitivities can make pets miserable and even worse, more vulnerable to infections and other illnesses. As a concerned pet parent, you'll want to know the signs and what you can do to reduce your dog's exposure to allergens. 

Typical Fall Seasonal Allergy Symptoms for Dogs 

Dogs can suffer from the same allergies as people. Instead of the typical runny nose that people experience, a dog's symptoms will often appear as skin conditions. According to The Humane Society, pet owners should check their pets for these signs: 

  • Itchy skin: Dogs might scratch or bite their skin excessively, shed more than usual, or suffer from inflamed patches or infected spots. Some may lick at their paws repeatedly. 
  • Irritated ears or eyes: If dogs start scratching their ears a lot, they may suffer from an allergy or an infection. Their eyes may appear red or runny.
  • Respiratory problems: Some dogs will cough, sneeze, or breathe more noisily than usual. 

If your pet starts to show these signs, you should make an appointment with your vet when your pet shows signs of distress. You will want to ensure that allergies cause the problem, not other issues. Also, some dogs may have allergies to various foods or fabrics. You'll need to narrow down the source of irritation, and your vet can help.  

Very often, allergies can also lead to infections because of excessive scratching or nipping at irritated spots. Your vet will need to supply antibiotics to treat an infection if this occurs. At the same time, vets may suggest home remedies for mild or moderate allergies, though medical treatments exist. Some medical treatments for a dog's allergies may include antihistamines and steroids. 

You should try to remove the source of the allergy if you can. While you can't avoid the irritants if your dog is susceptible to outdoor allergens, you may need to limit walks or backyard time until the season passes. 

Try Natural and Delicious Fall Seasonal Allergy Support 

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