Effective Spring Cleaning: The Dog Parent's Edition

Posted by Justin Ramb

According to Bob Villa, the habit of attending to spring cleaning might originate in our genes and body chemistry. When we stay cooped up inside during the winter, we naturally tend to sleep more. As the air warms, plants start sprouting and the sun shines longer. In turn, people feel more naturally invigorated, eager to clear out dust or clutter and ready to pursue new beginnings. 

Many ancient and modern cultures worldwide also celebrate various spring cleaning rites as a time of renewal and starting over. That reinforces the idea that spring cleaning is a natural and universal idea. 

How to manage spring cleaning for your dogs 

As a vital part of our cultures, communities and even our families, including our precious dogs in this all-important fresh start is essential. These tips provide sensible ways to offer your pups a fresh start for spring. 


Some toys might have cleaning instructions. If not, follow these suggestions: 

  • Rubber, nylon or plastic toys: Unless tags say these toys are dishwasher safe, clean them in warm water and dish soap. Rinse and dry them before giving them back to your pet. 
  • Rope toys: If they don't have any metal or plastic attachments, soak rope ties in water and zap them in the microwave for 60 seconds. Otherwise, you can clean most rope toys in the laundry. 
  • Plush toys: Clean plush toys in the gentle cycle of your washing machine. Use your judgment to choose the dryer or air drying. 

Dog beds 

You can vacuum dust and hair out of the cushions. After that, you might toss pillow-like dog beds in the laundry. Some dog beds come with a removable cover, and you might only need to wash that. 

Leashes, harnesses and collars 

Give your dogs' walking gear a new life with a soak in warm, soapy water. Since the leather or synthetic material might absorb chemicals, consider using a dog-safe shampoo as the soap. 

Food bowls 

The National Safety Federation ranked dog bowls as one of the most germ-infested things in average homes. Most of you wouldn't dream of eating out of the same bowl twice without washing it between meals or snacks. Likewise, you should wash out your pet's food and water bowls daily. 

Use warm water and dish soap, and be sure to rinse and dry them before returning them to your dog. Use the dishwasher if the bowls come with a dishwasher-safe tag. 

De-clutter and donate 

Spring cleaning time makes an excellent time to go through the dog's cupboard to clean out unused items. Pet shelters generally accept unopened dog treats and many gently used dog supplies as donations. Discard any food or medication past its expiration date. You can search online or ask your pharmacists or vet for information about proper drug disposal sites for prescriptions. 

Don't forget to manage your dog's allergy season!

Deep cleaning around the home can help manage some aspects of your pet's environment to avoid allergy symptoms. Still, you can't control every speck of dust or pollen outside, so your dog might need extra support. As part of a fresh start, it's time to consider Allergy & Immunity Bites from Moe's Health Pets

These tasty supplements provide your dog's immune system with the vital support needed to avoid runny eyes, itchy skin and other woes of seasonal allergies. 

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