Essential Fire Safety Tips for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Posted by Justin Ramb

Fire departments say household fires peak during the winter holidays because of cooking, heating, and decorations. However, recent droughts have increased the risk of fire hazards in the summer. National Pet Safety Day occurs on July 15, and this event offers a chance to review some troubling statistics: 

  • About 40,000 pets die from fires each year. 
  • Fires affect 500,000 pets annually. 
  • Every year, 1,000 pets start fires. 

The best defense involves preventing fires from starting in the first place, but that's not always possible. Review some vital fire protection tips for pet owners and their families. 

Essential Fire Protection Tips for Dog Lovers 

Prepare to keep yourself, your family, and your dogs safe in case of fire. 

Install smoke detectors 

Every home should have smoke detectors. Smoke detectors can save lives and usually earn discounts on homeowners and renters insurance. Some safety devices also send alerts in case of fire, so they can summon the fire department even if no humans are home to call. As a precaution, leave instructions about where your dog commonly likes to hide. 

Introduce your dog to a crate 

Emergencies are just one reason pet parents should get their pets used to crates or pet carriers before an emergency. If you need to evacuate in a flash, you may need to crate your pet. Many dogs behave better when they have their own safe space to retire to, and crates or carriers can make car rides and trips to the vet more comfortable for everybody. 

Develop a family emergency plan 

Make sure everybody understands the best escape routes to use in case of a sudden fire. Prepare a dog's bugout bag with essentials such as extra food, water, medication, and medical records. Naturally, it's also prudent to pack another bag with human essentials. Consider having pets chipped, so they can get returned in case the dog escapes in a different direction than you do. 

Keep your home pet-proofed 

Like you child-proof your home for a toddler, ensure your pet can't accidentally injure itself, get burned, or start a fire. For instance: 

  • Secure loose wires, keep pan handles turned away from the front of the stove, and add grating to a fireplace. 
  • If a pet can reach the stove knobs, it's a good idea to buy plastic covers for them. 
  • Place burning candles out of reach, or use battery-powered "candles" that look just like the real thing. 
  • Never leave any fires burning when nobody's home. 

Protect your dog's health 

You'd do anything to keep your dog safe, and your pet would certainly return the favor if he could. For a daily treat packed with essential nutrition, offer your best friend Multi-Plus Chews from Moe's Health Pets. The natural, pet-safe ingredients will support overall good health, strong bones, flexible joints, and a luxurious coat. Meanwhile, your trusted companion will think it's a reward for being such a good boy or girl.

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