Essential Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fall

Posted by Justin Ramb

As the seasons change, so do our habits. Most people look forward to fall because it often brings lovely, cool days and seasonal, festive foods. However, autumn also brings some unique dog hazards that pet parents must remain vigilant against. 

Seasonal Fall Safety Tips for Dogs 

Pet owners tend to focus on summertime hazards, like parasites, loud noises on the 4th of July, and the risk of dehydration. As the air cools and many plants undergo seasonal changes, some people may feel like they can relax their guard. Still, autumn offers a share of problems that can affect dogs. 

Thus, consider these steps to help your pet enjoy a healthy autumn and prepare for winter. 

Repair Sun Damaged Coats 

Intense sun exposure can dry a dog's fur as it may bleach and dry human hair. A pet-safe conditioner can help, but don't bathe dogs too often. Their natural skin oils will provide the best remedy. As a supplement, the essential fatty acids in fish oil can help fuel this process. 

Sooth Skin Allergies 

Fall brings its share of seasonal allergies. Typical signs of seasonal allergies in dogs include dry skin, irritated marks, and excessive scratching or licking. For moderate cases, try an itch-relief shampoo or spray. Supplements with colostrum, probiotics, and EFAs can help support your pet's immune system. For severe cases or signs of infections, visit your dog's vet. 

Beware of Wildlife 

Some animals start prepping for winter in autumn, making them active, irritable, and restless. Watch for bears, snakes, and coyotes during this time. Even smaller rodents may pose a threat of injury. 

Keep School Supplies and Holiday Treats Out of Reach 

Don't let your pup get into the kid's fresh school supplies, thinking they're toys. Also, many holiday treats humans relish pose health threats to dogs. 

Heal Your Dog's Sore Paws 

If your dog has sore or irritated paws, consider investing in booties. After fall transforms into winter, you might pull them out again to protect your four-footed friend from the frozen ground. If the ground feels too hot or cold for your feet, it's uncomfortable or unsafe for your dog. 

Protect Your Dog With Enhanced Nutrition 

Your pet's commercial dog food will provide a solid nutritional base. However, that doesn't mean it offers optimal support for limber joints, good digestion, and a robust immune system. Moe's Healthy Pets packs our Skin & Coat Chews and our Allergy & Immune Chews with natural minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements to provide that extra assurance every pet parent needs. Your dog can enjoy clearer skin, a shinier coat, and a robust immune system. Meanwhile, your pet will love the taste of these little bites.

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