Help Your Dog Stay Cool With Frozen Lick Mat Treats

Posted by Justin Ramb

You've probably noticed how quickly your pets will devour their favorite foods. Several companies offer a solution to this problem with products called lick mats. These rubber or silicone mats have groves that pet owners can stuff with pet-safe food. Some include suction cups to attach them to the floor or wall as well. 

You can find lick mats online or in pet stores. If you've already purchased a lick mat, try these frozen lick mat treat recipes right away to keep your pet busy and cool. 

Frozen Lick Mat Recipes to Keep Your Dog Cool and Calm 

Dogs tend to eat fast. The mats slow them down and provide an engaging activity. These excellent frozen lick mat recipes can help keep your dog entertained while you focus on other things. The frozen lick mat treats can help your dog stay cool on warm days, and the activity should also help improve its disposition. 

You probably have most ingredients in your pantry, fridge, or freezer, so you can try them out immediately. Just make sure to use pure ingredients that don't contain additional sweeteners or flavorings that might not agree with your pet's digestive system. 

Fruity Dog Delight 

For this one, you'll want to keep frozen strawberries or blueberries in the freezer. Frozen bananas work well too. Mix your frozen fruit with peanut butter and yogurt before applying it to the groves of the lick mat. Stick the entire mat back in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up and serve. 

Pumpkin Cheesecake for Pups 

This dog-friendly pumpkin cheesecake only requires a few ingredients and a short preparation time. Mix pumpkin puree with an equal amount of cream cheese. Stir in a spoonful of honey and cinnamon, refreeze, and watch your dog drool in delight. You can try a variation on this theme by substituting yogurt and mashed sweet potatoes for pumpkin and cream cheese. 

Pooch-Style Minced Chicken Pot Pie 

Make great use of leftover chicken, but make sure it doesn't include any bones. Mix in frozen peas and carrots, yogurt, and bone broth. Spread the mixture on the mat, refreeze for a few minutes, and watch your dog get excited. 

Enhance Your Dog's Nutrition 

Dogs aren't famous for stopping to savor their food, and a lick mat can slow them down, provide nutritious treats, and keep your pet active. Most dogs will enjoy any of these frozen treats, and you'll love watching them eat. 

You can help enhance your dog's daily nutrition by adding nutritional dog supplements, like Multi-Plus Bites from Moe's Healthy Pets. The ingredients offer dogs important dietary support, often missing or in small quantities in commercial dog chow. Even better, dogs like them a lot.

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