How Pet Parents Craft DIY Party Hats For Dogs

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

My own furry friend and I don't believe in reserving celebrations for grand achievements. Seriously, my dogster daughter prances joyfully when she spots a bug or gets rewarded for doing her business in the backyard.

What she can't say in words, she expresses quite well with body language. In turn, I can't even stop myself from sharing her glee. Work frustrations, troubling news, and minor aches and pains just fade away when that good girl shakes her tail.

And when she sees that I share her elation, she gets even happier. It's almost as if joy provides its own reward. And that's exactly why I'm a big believer in dog parties.

Celebrations benefit dogs and dog parents

Lucky for us, my pooch and I have already been together for over a decade. My pet never shared her exact birthday. On the other hand, I'm not 100-percent sure she knows or cares the date of mine either. That lack of precision doesn't lessen our enthusiasm for a great party.

After all, age is just a number, and I have never seen any indication that math is my pet's thing. It turns out my healthy and active senior fluff already knew what scientists needed studies to learn. Celebrations offer powerful benefits for both physical and mental health.

As reported by Shape, an NYU neuroscience and physiology professor, Dr. Robert Froemke, agrees with my dog. He says that festivities encourage brains to release oxytocin, noradrenaline, and endorphins. These three kinds of brain chemicals don't just elevate your mood. They're also associated with faster healing, mental clarity, and pain reduction.

What does a dog party need?

We've already established the reasons we need to party with our dogs.

What does a great party need? Hats. A human-canine celebration needs party hats for dogs.  How else can everyone on your social network tell from the pictures how much fun you had?

Even better, you can spread health and happiness around through the magic of digital technology. Just think of it as one of your and your pet's many contributions to making the world a better place for people and animals.

How to make DIY party hats for dogs

Since you're probably already busy making a dog-friendly charcuterie board (and maybe some human snacks too), we're supplying templates for DIY party hats for dogs. You only need to supply: 

  • A printer and A4 or letter-size cardstock
  • A hole punch, tape or glue, and a ribbon or elastic for the chinstrap

Print the templates on cardstock, form the hat by slightly overlapping the ends and sticking them together with glue or tape, and punch holes to thread the ribbon or elastic through. Feel free to personalize these designs with some decorative touches, like bits of ribbon, pom-poms, or feathers.

How about a party every day?

As pet parents ourselves here at Moe's, we love to have a puppy party every day with our beloved fur babies. Sometimes, it's not all about the glitz and glamour! They will be up for a daily puppy party with our Moe's Multi-Plus Bites - to help them feeling healthy, happy, and ready for life's adventures.  

Don't forget to share!

Share your celebration by snapping some action shots to share on social media. We're always here to share the fun of a good dog party! Let us know by tagging us at @MoesHealthyPets and using #NATIONALDOGDAY as a hashtag.

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