How to Improve Your Dog's Fitness This Summer (And Yours Too!)

Posted by Justin Ramb

Warm summer weather offers excellent opportunities to help you and your dog enjoy better fitness. Take a look at our tips on how to exercise your dog this summer! And as a bonus, these dog-friendly activities can also give your own fitness routine a welcome boost.

Walks and runs 

Most dogs start wagging their tails with glee the instant they see their pet parents pick up a leash. These canny canines know that the leash means they will enjoy the exciting sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Even better, dogs love activities that involve their favorite humans. 

Different dogs need varying amounts of exercise, depending upon breed, age, and health. Like people, out-of-shape pets may need time to improve their fitness for longer walks or faster trots. Most older and infirm dogs can still benefit from short, slow walks. You can always call your vet to ask for guidance. 

Games of fetch or Frisbee 

The benefits of playing games with your dog include a chance for a workout without feeling like you're engaging in tedious exercise. Just toss a ball, Frisbee, or other toys in the yard or neighborhood park. Most dogs understand they need to fetch the objects, but you may need to use some treats as a reward to help them learn that they're also supposed to bring the toy back to you for another toss. 

Besides exercise, playing games lets you slip in fun training lessons that won't feel like a tedious day in school. For instance, your pet can learn commands and social sharing graces. If you don't have daily access to the outdoors, you can play calmer games of fetch with small balls and toys in the living room. 

Keep your pet cool, comfortable, and hydrated 

Make sure you bring water along for both you and your dog. Pet stores sell collapsible bowls and attachments for water bottles that make it easy to share drinks. Give your dog breaks from the sun by relaxing on a covered deck or under trees. 

Pay attention to symptoms of fatigue or dehydration, like excessive panting, slowing down, or a drooping head and tail. Even short, slow fitness sessions will still yield benefits in time. You and your pet will enjoy long-term benefits and avoid potential injuries or illnesses by working towards reasonable goals over time. 

Ensure your dog's fitness with optimal nutrition 

A commercial dog chow will provide a typical pet with basic nutrition. However, most dogs can benefit from extra supplements to promote optimal digestive, heart, joint, skin, and coat health. Our Healthy Summer Bundle from Moe's Healthy Pets offers you an easy way to provide your pet with a healthy nutritional boost to complement summertime activities. This bundle includes our Hip & Joint chews to keep your furry friend’s joints movin’ and groovin’ and our Chillout Chews keeping your dogs anxiety down. With these 2 products combined your dog will be healthy and active all summer long!


Let us know how you and your pet stay healthy and active during the summer. To ensure we see you, tag us on your Instagram posts with the hashtag #MoesHealthySummer!


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