How to pack your dog's beach bag

Posted by Justin Ramb

Many pet parents consider taking their dogs to the beach one of the highlights of summertime fun. Plus, a beach day allows you and your pet to engage in fun and healthy exercise. 

Most dogs adore a chance to splash in the waves, play fetch in the sand, and enjoy unlimited fresh air and sunshine. Sure, you're eager to splash in the surf. However, everybody will enjoy the day more if you remember to pack a beach bag for your four-footed family member.

PetMD cautioned that dogs could suffer heatstroke and dehydration, just like people. Dogs won't always communicate when they're feeling hot, tired, and thirsty, so pet parents must take proactive measures to ensure their safety. In particular, you should watch for danger signs, like excessive panting, a drooping tail, or other signs of thirst or fatigue. 

Don't forget to pack your dog's beach bag when you travel, so you and your pet can feel prepared for all the sand and surf you can handle. Adding these supplies to your dog's beach bag can keep your pet hydrated and cool: 


  • Water Ensure your pet can always access fresh, clean water. You can buy collapsible bowls and special dog-friendly water bottles to ensure your dog can always have a refreshing drink and won't get dehydrated. In particular, distract your pets and offer fresh water if you see them drinking saltwater from the sea. 
  • Shade Your dog will appreciate a chance to cool off in a shady spot. You can bring an umbrella just for your dog. You might also invest in a beach tent or cabana to share with your pet. 
  • Sunscreen Even furry friends can develop sunburns when left outside too long. Companies make dog-friendly sunscreen, one product every beach-loving family with a dog should have. If you see any signs of sunburn on your dog, like reddened or flaking skin, it's time to find cover. 
  • Toys For fun, bring along some doggy beach toys. Floating toys offer a good choice because they're easy to retrieve. If your dog has little experience in the water, you can also find flotation devices for pets, though you should always keep your pet supervised. A set of water shoes will help protect your dog's feet on the beach to prevent injuries from stepping on shells or debris.
  • A Way to Dry Off Of course, you'll also want to pack a towel or two to dry your dog off before you return to the air-conditioned car. Do you have a bigger or fluffier dog? You might benefit from a doggy robe or portable dog dryer to ensure your pet stays comfortable and doesn't soak the car seats.
  • A Collar For safety purposes, you should always have a collar and leash when you and your pet leave home.

Remember to pack some treats! 

 If you expect to spend several hours on the beach, bring your pet's lunch too. Even if you don't expect to stay long, you should bring some treats to reward your good boy or girl for excellent behavior. 

Your dogs will wag their tales when they see you reach for the pack of Grillin' Time Chews from Moe's Healthy Pets. Your pet will love the smoky BBQ flavor packed with natural, dog-safe ingredients and plenty of essential vitamins. 

Be sure to show us how you and your pet stay active and healthy at the beach this summer. Tag your photos with #MoesHealthySummer on Instagram. 

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