Keep Your Dog Cool With These Summer Grooming Tips

Posted by Justin Ramb

Isn't it past time to put away your winter coat? Your beloved pet probably doesn't have a closet full of clothes. Still, you might vary your dog's grooming routine to ensure he stays as cool and comfortable as possible during the summer. 

The luxurious fur coat that protects your pet from the cold might make him miserable when the temperature rises. Thus, it's time to switch to a summertime grooming schedule, which may include brushing, a summer cut, bathing, and nail trimming. 

Chill dog grooming tips for summer 

Even if you take your pet to a professional groomer, you can enjoy some in-between grooming to maintain your dog's coat and help develop a stronger bond. 

Regular brushing

Brushing keeps coats untangled, releases dead hair, and improves skin circulation. Just as important, brushing time gives you and your pet a chance to bond and relax. Brush with short, gentle strokes to keep the experience positive and soothing. 

Periodic bathing 

According to the American Kennel Club, only bathe your dog once every few weeks or when they're visibly dirty. Bathing too frequently dries out essential skin oils and can lead to a dry coat and itchy skin. Use a dog shampoo, bathe from the neck down, and use a washcloth to clean your pet's face carefully without getting soap in sensitive eyes. 

Summer haircuts

Dogs with heavy, insulating coats will feel more comfortable with a shorter haircut for the summer. On the other hand, don't have your pet shaved to the skin because that makes them vulnerable to sunburns. Leave at least an inch of fur as protection against solar radiation. 

Nail trimming 

You can use a nail grinder or clipper, but make sure to have a styptic pencil or powder on hand. Dog's nails have a vein that runs right below the quick, and it's hard to see it inside of dark nails. Also, many dogs dislike having their feet handled, so the activity can make them anxious. Thus, pet owners might file nails between visits to a professional groomer or vet's office. Typical dogs need their nails trimmed about once a month. 

Coat and skin defense for dogs 

Regular brushing, bathing, and trims can help your pet look and feel its best. At the same time, dogs need proper nutrition to support healthy skin and coats. Typical kibble offers essential nutrients but doesn't pack enough of this kind of additional support. Thus, many dogs lack resistance to common summertime allergies and environmental changes, which generally show symptoms like dry coats or itchy skin. 

Skin & Coat Chews from Moe's Healthy Pets will help your dog look and feel his best. You know you're giving your dog a safe and effective blend of essential nutrients, but your pet will think they taste delicious.

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