More Than Moe: How We're Supporting Dogs in Asia

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

The Soi Dog Foundation helps rescue, treat, and home stray animals in Thailand. They also advocate against and rescue dogs from the SE Asian dog meat trade.

Here at Moe's Healthy Pets, we're proud to help our customers provide a loving, healthy environment for their dogs. We believe every pet deserves a good home, and all animals should enjoy a healthy environment. 

That's why we work so hard to produce wholesome nutritional supplements, and it's also why we support the Soi Dog Foundation. Find out how the Soi Dog Foundation helps animals, what we contribute to this worthy cause here at Moe's Healthy Pets, and how you can help. 

To improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty. Soi Dog's Mission Statement

What we'd like to tell you about Soi Dog Foundation 

Based in Phuket, Thailand, the Soi Dog Foundation's fantastic work has relieved the suffering of several thousand stray dogs and cats through rescue efforts, shelters, medical treatment, advocacy and education, resource distribution, and facilitating pet adoptions. 

Though this foundation has already made amazing progress, they still have more work to do. The highlights of this nonprofit organization's services include: 

  • Emergency medical treatment for sick or injured animals 
  • Mobile animal clinics throughout Thailand 
  • Advocacy to end the cruel dog meat trade in Southeast Asia 
  • Facilitation of pet adoptions, including overseas adoptions 
  • Distribution of resources to individual or small-group animal rescues
  • Humane animal treatment education centers with workshops for adults and children 
  • Pet sanctuaries for dogs rescued from the dog meat trade or abandoned 

Established in 2003, Soi Dog has spayed or neutered over 600,000 animals. The organization has also vaccinated and served other medical needs for tens of thousands of animals each year. The pet sanctuary houses hundreds of animals. Soi Dog also facilitates adoptions so that pets can join loving families. They've even sent hundreds of pets to North America. 

When Soi Dog first started almost 20 years ago, over 70,000 strays roamed around Phuket. Because of the organization's work, they estimate that this massive population will have decreased to just a handful by 2025. 

Soi Dog's advocacy also almost wholly ended the dog meat trade in Thailand. They continue their work with advocacy and rescues in Cambodia, South Korea, Vietnam, and other places in South East Asia that commonly engage in this inhumane practice. 

How you can help Soi Dog save more pets 

Here at Moe's Healthy Pets, our mission to improve the lives of animals extends beyond the nutritious and delicious dog supplements that we make. To support our goals, we want to offer two suggestions for people who wish to help. 

Support our company's yearly donation to Soi Dog 

Our customers make it possible for us to donate to the Soi Dog Foundation each year. As one of our customers, you can purchase tasty supplements to support your own pet's nutritional needs and know that a portion of the proceeds will improve the lives of other animals too. 

Donate directly to Soi Dog 

The Little Orange Book offers a concise but in-depth perspective on the importance of Soi Dog's mission. You're welcome to donate directly to this worthwhile organization or even to learn how to adopt one of their rescues into your own family. 

Soi Dog earned a Platinum Seal for Transparency from GuideStar, the world's premier information source about nonprofits. You can feel confident that Soi Dog will use your contributions to help animals live healthier, safer, and happier lives.

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