Omega-3 Fatty Acids for a Boost to Puppy Brains and Beauty

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

Who wouldn't want to find an elixir that could make their puppies brainier and more beautiful? At first, that sort of potion might sound like either a fairytale or a scam.

Actually, reputable research suggests that  long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA, ALA, and EPA, help ensure dogs' proper brain development and healthy skin and coats.

These nutrients also support overall wellness. A lifetime of good nutrition will even help stave off some problems associated with old age, like confusion and sore joints. That's right, the best puppy vitamins and supplements can provide both immediate and lifelong benefits for a dog's mental and physical health.

Can Omega-3s Really Make Puppies Smarter?

The American Kennel Club published research that demonstrated that DHA helps fuel optimal brain development. In turn, trainers find these smarter puppies much easier to train.

Some examples of this research include two studies that compared groups of puppies with DHA-fortified diets from weaning until age one vs. puppies who consumed low amounts of DHA in the same period:

  • DHA-fortified diets may make puppies smarter: The DHA-fortified beagle puppies in the study excelled at a variety of cognitive tasks that included psycho-motor performance and visual discrimination exercises.
  • DHA-fortified diets may make puppies easier to train: Another study found that puppies with a DHA-fortified diet performed better on training exercises than their counterparts with low- to moderate-DHA diets.

Omega-3 for a Puppy's Healthy Coats and Overall Wellness

The nutrients in omega-3 fatty acids also support a puppy's overall health in a variety of ways. The American Kennel Club recommended omega-3 as one of the best supplements to offer dogs of any age. Not only does it promote the growth of healthy fur, it supports natural immunity, strong joints, clear skin, and resistance to allergies.

In particular, research suggests that the EPA component of omega-3 fatty acids helps relieve inflammation and improves moods. According to HealthLine, another omega-3, ALA, may help prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of developing some kinds of cancer.

Puppy Vitamins and Supplements for Natural Sources of Omega-3

Fish oil offers the best source of omega-3 fatty acids for most dogs and puppies. Very rarely, dogs have a seafood allergy, but most pooches thrive with this source of nutrients. Still, commercial dog food generally doesn't contain seafood ingredients and serves as a poor source of omega-3.

Supplementing a puppy's diet with extra seafood might throw off their balanced diet and ruin their appetite for their regular chow. Most pet owners would prefer not to have to deal with the mess of trying to add fish oil to chow and wouldn't know how much to add to provide optimal benefits. Also, fish oil supplements meant for people might contain other ingredients that can harm dogs.

Besides, growing puppies need more nutrients than just fish oil. They require a digestible combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics to thrive. That's why Moe's Healthy Pets offers bite-sized treats that contain a carefully crafted combination of puppy vitamins and supplements.

As a pet owner, you know that Multi-Plus bites offer your puppy nutritional support. Your puppies will just think they're getting rewarded with a yummy treat.


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