Puppy Vitamins and Supplements: Help Growing Dogs Thrive

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

Puppies need extra nutrition to support their developing bodies and brains, and puppy vitamins and supplements offer a good way to provide puppy nutrition.

Puppies look so cute with their round eyes and relatively big feet. Along with an overload of charm and goofiness, growing pups come with extra nutritional requirements. As pup parents, you want to ensure your little fluffs get everything they need to thrive without consuming so many calories that they end up with weight problems later.

Puppy vitamins and supplements can provide a simple way to ensure a high-quality diet that won't pack on too many extra pounds. Find out why puppies need extra nutrients and how dog supplements can help provide a simple way to provide them.

Helpful puppy vitamins and supplements

According to VCA Hospitals, puppies need relatively more calories, fat, and other nutrients than adult dogs the same size. Besides their rapid growth rate, most puppies endure additional stresses during this lifecycle stage.

Some examples of these stresses include weaning, separation from parents and littermates, introduction to new households, and learning good potty habits. Puppies need nutritional support for both their growing brains and bodies.

A commercial, vet-approved puppy chow can satisfy basic requirements for calories and fat. At the same time, VCA says that pups may benefit from extra vitamins, probiotics, and support for their immune system.

For some examples:

  • Probiotics will help a pup's little tummy digest food properly to make sure they absorb all of the nutrition they need from their diets.
  • Probiotics, antioxidants, and other nutrients can also strengthen a growing dog's immune system and even help reduce anxiety and other emotional responses to stress.
  • Puppies may require extra vitamins, in particular B vitamins, to combat stress and ensure proper development.

Even the most diligent pet parents would have a tough time coming up with a diet that would perfectly meet their puppy's needs without adding too many extra calories. Even more, they would probably introduce even more stress by trying to convince their pet to eat all of the different kinds of food.

What about dog multivitamin and nutrient supplements?

A dog vitamin and supplement treat can make ensuring optimum nutrition simple, safe, and fun for both pet parents and puppies. You don't have to calculate the perfect diet because pet professionals have already done the hard work for you.

Lots of people take supplements to ensure better nutrition. Formulas for humans won't contain the right balance of nutrients for dogs and might even include some ingredients that dogs should never have, like xylotol.

Also, some people don't like vegetables that much, but they eat them to stay healthy. Your puppy probably won't understand this kind of logic. Instead, pets generally eat what they like and avoid what they don't care for. In contrast, dogs think Multi-Plus Bites from Moe's Healthy Pets taste like treats.

Pups might not know that these dog supplements contain a powerful combination of natural, digestible dog vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support development and a lifetime of good health. You will know that you're doing everything possible to provide your puppy with a healthy diet.



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