The Calming Affects of the Herb Chamomile for Your Dogs

Posted by Justin Ramb

After a busy day, many people enjoy unwinding with a steaming cup of chamomile tea. This herbal supplement helps folks unwind and clear their minds gently and naturally. Pet parents often ask if they can share this same calming herbal supplement with their active or anxious dogs. 

Is chamomile safe and effective for dogs?

According to VA Animal Hospitals, pet parents can safely give most dogs chamomile. This natural herb offers anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxant, and soothing properties for canines and humans. Sometimes, pet parents and vets use this herb to help remedy anxiety, digestive problems, irritated eyes, and skin inflammation. 

Some dogs have trouble calming down or show anxiety symptoms when faced with specific situations, like their owners leaving home or hearing fireworks or storms. Sometimes, pet anxiety causes bad behavior, like excessive barking, chewing on furniture, or peeing or pooping in the house. Dogs generally turn back into good boys and girls when the owners can relieve the source of anxiety. 

What pet owners should know about chamomile for dogs 

Depending upon the situation, they may use chamomile in an edible or topical form. Some essential things for pet owners to know about chamomile tea include: 

  • It's probably better to administer the herb to a pet as a supplement instead of brewing it into a tea. Dogs vary by size, so the appropriate dose for a 150-pound human might make pets sick from an overdose. In contrast, dogs might not like the taste of the tea, so they may not ingest an adequate dose. 
  • Some dogs have allergies or sensitivities to various natural substances, like chamomile. Symptoms of sensitivity can include vomiting, diarrhea, and skin irritation. As with other medications or supplements, speak with a vet first. In particular, take extra care with pregnant or nursing pets or dogs with other known allergies. 
  • The proper dose depends upon the pet's weight and health history. Especially for dogs with health issues, ask the vet about the appropriate amount to give a pet. Otherwise, look for dose recommendations on the label of supplements specifically formulated for dogs. 

Remain wary of giving pet dogs supplements made for people. They probably won't have the proper dosage for dogs. Also, sometimes supplements will include other ingredients safe for people but dangerous for dogs. For instance, many human supplements include xylitol as an ingredient. People can tolerate this synthetic sweetener, but dogs can't. 

How to buy a safe, calming supplement for dogs 

A calming, tasty-for-dogs supplement like Chillout Bites from Moe's Healthy Pets offers pet parents the best way to provide dogs with relief. The package offers suggested doses printed on the label based on body weight. Typically, a daily dose may range from one to five chews. 

In addition to organic chamomile, Chillout Bites also contain other effective and safe ingredients to soothe pets inside and out. These helpful herbs and vitamins include valerian root, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, and hemp seed powder. 

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