What's On Your Dog's Menu at the Next Picnic or BBQ?

Posted by Justin Ramb

BBQ season is still in full swing and when it comes to BBQs, you will always want to include your four-footed friend. Of course, your human guests might struggle to resist those puppy eyes as your pooch begs for a bite of their burger or brisket. 

As your pet's caretaker, you must ensure your guests know that many foods that humans consider entirely safe and delicious will make canines sick. Also, consider the impact on your pet's behavior and overall diet that sharing too much human food might cause. Thus, you should ask guests to only share table food sparingly and under your watchful eye. 

BBQ and Picnic Foods to Keep Away From Your Dog 

Typical BBQ and picnic foods fall into two categories when determining if it's safe for dogs. Your pet may enjoy some kinds of human food sparingly or with caution. However, they must avoid certain foods entirely or risk getting very ill. For example: 

  • Avoid: Dogs cannot tolerate onions, garlic, or other allium family members. Also, keep your dog away from alcohol, avocados, and grapes. In particular, ensure your pet doesn't get to consume chocolate, caffeine, walnuts, macadamia nuts, or an artificial sweetener called xylitol. 
  • Offer cautiously: You've probably seen the famous puppucinos that some coffee shops offer guests with dogs. Most dogs can tolerate a little dairy, but too much can cause diarrhea. Also, dogs can choke on corn kernels. Of course, dogs can eat meat but don't give your dog any that's still on the bone because that's a common choking hazard. 

Is Human Table Food Good for Dogs?

Most pet owners rely on commercial dog chow to provide their pets with a balanced diet. Dogs will undoubtedly relish some table food, like meat. However, too much fat can lead to digestive problems. 

Also, people might consider how relatively small treats from the table disrupt their pet's diet and potentially lead to weight gain and other issues. For instance, Hill's pointed out that one piece of cheese adds the average person's caloric equivalent of an entire burger to a 20-pound dog's diet. Offering table food also encourages unwanted behavior and will certainly distract most dogs from consuming their regular balanced diet and healthy dog supplements. 

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