Is Peanut Butter Safe For Dogs?

Posted by Tiffany Brenner

Do dogs enjoy peanut butter?

Most dogs enjoy peanut butter. For some fun, try searching online for hilarious videos of eager dogs relishing their chance to enjoy a mouthful of this tasty treat. Indeed, our furry best friends appear to enjoy this everyday kitchen staple almost as much as people. Like their pet parents, dogs can taste sweetness, and they also want variety in their daily diet. 

Is peanut butter safe for dogs?

According to the American Kennel Club, most dogs can safely enjoy peanut butter. It can also provide them with essential nutrition, like healthy fat and protein. Some dogs may suffer from food sensitivity issues or diabetes, and in that case, peanut butter might be off the table. 

While most vets will agree that pet parents can offer their dogs peanut butter as a treat, this advice will come with some warnings. For instance: 

  • Dogs should obtain at least 90 percent of their daily calories from balanced dog food. Peanut butter provides a lot of fat, so one tablespoon can provide over 90 calories. If pets overeat table food, they might not have a healthy appetite for their regular chow. 
  • Some commercial peanut butter contains too much sugar and sodium. As with humans, overconsumption of these ingredients can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues. 
  • Worse yet, some brands of packaged peanut butter contain xylitol, a sweetener that people can eat but dogs can't. Symptoms may include weakness, lethargy, and balance problems. If you suspect your dog consumed this substance, contact a vet or the Pet Poison Hotline at 1-800-213-6680. 
  • Some pets develop food sensitivities or peanut allergies. Mild symptoms may include itchy skin, and in rare cases, dogs can even display breathing problems. Call your vet for advice if your dog shows any of these symptoms. 

How to safely give your dog peanut butter

Natural peanut butter without extra ingredients offers the healthiest and safest choice. Check the label to ensure the peanut butter does not include xylitol as an ingredient. Also, consider the amount of sugar and salt in each serving. Even with the healthiest of peanut butters, only offer this tasty snack in moderation to ensure they ruin their appetite for their typical dog food. 

You can ensure you’re feeding your dog healthy peanut butter by preparing it yourself. Quickly whip up homemade peanut butter by tossing unsalted, roasted peanuts in a food processor or durable blender. Optionally, add a splash of peanut oil, molasses, or honey to make the mixture easier to blend. 

What's the best way to offer your pet dog a taste of peanut butter?

There’s no denying it: Pups love peanut butter! Treat your four-legged friend to a tasty snack by doling it out as a reward, using it to conceal some not-so-tasty medicine, or by whipping up a quick DIY recipe, like our peanut butter and banana pup-cakes

For dogs who need help relaxing, Moe’s Healthy Pets now offers Peanut Butter Chillout Bites. Made with organic hemp, chamomile, and valerian root, these peanut butter-flavored supplements support relaxation without drowsiness or lethargy.  

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